Quality Assurance Reporting Improved with New Release v2.23.1.nn

August 27, 2019 (Julian, CA) – Horizons International has announced the release of their newest version of Quality Essentials Suite. This release continues their efforts to bring increased efficiency and security to the tasks of data collection, analysis and quality assurance reporting. Their quality management software solution affordably supports the needs of quality departments in a variety of industries.

The software is designed to reduce overhead for quality management functions in industries with heavy regulatory and quality assurance reporting requirements. The latest release delivers enhancements for quality assurance reporting by focusing on tasks that make the work of generating certificates of analysis less time consuming.

COA References Setup

V2.23.1nn introduces “quick create” tools that enable users to create setup records that define and store frequently needed data combinations. This functionality reduces the overall number of selection steps when generating a certificate of analysis by an estimated 50% from traditional spreadsheet or office productivity tools.

This release also supports developing, and running, complex formulas with tools similar to those found in most spreadsheet products. These formulas can include constants, reference values saved in master records and data results recorded during current quality control testing. The results from these calculations will save the time spent in manual calculations while providing accessible timely verification of accuracy.

Spreadsheet Calculator for COA

The addition of spreadsheet calculations as a data type for defining test result values will bring the number of data types available in Quality Essentials Suite to 15. Data type definitions are one more way that Quality Essentials Suite enables greater accuracy and productivity while supporting quality assurance reporting requirements.

“We continue to see quality departments struggle to keep up with their work load due to dependency on spreadsheets and other silos of data. We believe the quick create tools in our latest release can improve productivity of Certificate of Analysis generation by 50% and significantly reduce workload burdens,” says Frances Donnelly, Director of Product Development and Sales. “Too often I speak to people in charge of Quality departments that are spending way too much time dealing with error-prone, antiquated processes for generating these required quality assurance reporting documents.”

Quality Essentials Suite functionality executes independently of the users’ ERP solution to create a complete quality record that supports the full life cycle of regulatory requirements. Organizations in a variety of industries, from food to chemicals, with the need to provide Certificate of Analysis reports to meet industry requirements will find this solution, which runs on Microsoft SQL Express, cost-effective and scalable.

Watch the video to see how you can benefit from improved quality assurance reporting when generating certificates of analysis.