Horizons International Announces Newest Release of Quality Essentials Suite

November 15, 2017 (Julian, CA) — Today Horizons International, a Microsoft Silver certified application developer, announces the release of Quality Essentials Suite version V2.17.01.029. With a steadfast focus on providing high-quality and cost-effective quality management software, this release increases the efficiency of the product by automating repetitive tasks and centralizing features into a more intuitive workflow. Highlights of the enhancements are outlined here:

Generate Certificate of Analysis from within All In One Results Entry

The All In One results entry form has two new buttons. One button allows the user to generate a Certificate of Analysis. The second button provides a pop-up to add lot numbers and expiration dates.

Copy result data that applies to more than one lot or serial number

Now, testing data from sample runs can be copied for use in large production runs where additional items, lot numbers, and serial numbers are used.

Added new test data type for Base Data Calculations

Data calculations include: average, minimum, maximum, median, mode, standard deviation and sum. These calculations are available for an unlimited number of data variables, including negative numbers.

Added Item Inspection Copy form

Ability to copy inspection set-up information from an existing item record to a new item record.

“Amongst the most onerous tasks for quality departments is producing and managing Certificates of Analysis in a timely fashion. Failure to provide documentation or providing inaccurate documents can result in late shipments and significantly affect how vendors are evaluated by their customers. With these enhancements, we have brought an additional level of efficiency to the needed processes for manufacturers in both make-to-stock and make-to-order environments.”, says Frances Donnelly, Director of Product Development.

New Dashboard Creation Tutorial

The dashboard tutorial document is designed to help a user walk through the steps of creating a line graph and gaining an understanding of the dashboard user interface.

“Dashboards are one of the most intuitive and highly valued tools for data visualization, but not everyone is a graph or dashboard expert. This tutorial, based on sample data provided for software trials, quickly delivers necessary expertise to users and ensures they quickly realize the value of their software investment.”, explains Jaydel Gluckie, Manager .NET Development.


Founded in 1987, Horizons International has worked closely with Microsoft Business Solutions products to bring to market software solutions targeted to the needs of manufacturers in a broad range of industries. In 2009, Horizons introduced Quality Essentials Suite (QES), which is a multi-user, affordable solution for customers with quality control requirements in any industry, of any size.

Media Contact

Frances Donnelly, Director of Product Development
Phone: 800 287 8014 ext. 811
Email: frances@hzs.com